Karl Vanderkelen

Freelance marketing consultant

Hi! Thank you for visiting my website. The following sections will help you to know me better and have an overview of how I help my clients. Have a nice visit 🙂

Karl Vanderkelen

Freelance marketing consultant

I’m a curious person. I love to learn, to discover and helping people. I’m also an entrepreneur and started my first professional initiative at 14. I like to start projects, jump on opportunities.. or create them. I like numbers and data, but I also love being creative.

I’ve worked for small agencies, big agencies, small companies or big companies like Mercedes or Microsoft. I treated them all as partners, 100% involved in our projects, going the extra mile, asking the real questions.

I’m a huge racing fan, watching it or being behind the wheel. I enjoy the simple things like music, travels, time with friends.



“A vision without a strategy remains an illusion”.

I provide structure, guidance, analysis and counceling to my clients to help them reach or identify their true objectives.


I help my clients to share their stories. Articles, social posts, radio spots, content, creative concepts,…

I make sure that their message fits their vision, their objectives, their audience. Native French speaker.


I help my clients to create video and photographic content. I can handle relatively simple requests and I can partner with bigger production teams for TV/Cinema/larger projects.


I don’t like to limit myself in boxes. I developed knowledge in different other fields useful to my clients: growth hacking, website coding, digital analytics,…
My next goal is to learn more about data science 🙂

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